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We've descided! We choose a hotel right in the hart of the city!

Cant wait!

I also started reading about what to do/see, where to shop, which tours to do (SEX AND THE CITY TOUR HERE I COME)....

  • can we fast forward now to September???*


If anyone reading this: what are your New York city hightlights?

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Where to stay...

So many options....What to choose?

Plane tickets booked...but still no hotel/hostel....

Dont know what to book... How can you descide if you can only see some dodgy pictures on the internet....

It's difficult!
All help is welcome!

We really want something affordable....Without bedbugs. :-o

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We've book today!

Finally it is happening: I am going to New York!
For real!!!!

I' ve got my tickets, ready to pack...

but that would be a little bit early...As we arent leaving for about another 9 LONG months!! It's like awating a baby!!! ;-)
But that also gives us some time to save as much money we can (so we can spend spend spend over there)

Not only are we visiting New York...We will roadtrip the usa baby!!!

No idea where exectely we will be going, planning as we speak! All hints are welcome!
We arrive in New York and we leave from Washington DC....
What will happen in between.... ALL IS POSSIBLE!

Keep you posted!!!

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